Video Surveillance as a Service

          Solutions-Cloud Platform                     Open Networking/SDN                    Software Defined Network          Introduction Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) is the ideal service for those who have multiple businesses, different locations, or small companies that want security without all the installation hassle. All surveillance can be done off-site on your mobile device, desktop, and tablets on PC, android, and apple products. System Installation, Support, and Technology Longevity Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) offers on-demand deployment. Providers will provide the update into your system through preexisting internet connection and then will configure all cameras connected to VSaaS. System upgrades can also benefit from cloud-base solutions. VSaaS will continue to grow alongside your company.   Lower Capital Expenditures Benefits of VSaaS are the reduced capital cost, lower operational expense, and reduce of power usage. Installation is easy when switching over to VSaaS. VSaaS is a web-base service. Pay-as-you-go with full scalable solutions customized to fit your needs. Maximize Hardware and Storage Retention VSaaS has customizable video retention flexibility to fit your everyday needs. You’ll never purchase more than what is need. Unlike traditional DVR, NVR or VMS, VSaaS stores all your recorded videos offsite for a longer period of time. Users are also able to adjust their usage using as little or as much as they require. Cyber Security Users have constant control over their security, cameras, and viewing since all videos are stored offsite in your cloud. When an alert is detected, an email or text will be sent to you containing images of the alert. Users can access live surveillance while the video is recording. Gain peace of mind as assets are virtually guarded. VSaaS provides surveillance at your fingertips.  Remote Access Users access video recordings remotely, manage and monitor from anywhere at any time using any devices available. Whether a recording or live streaming, users have the ease and also convenience at their fingertips. Users are also able to change their camera resolution for better video resolutions. VSaaS provides user with Real-Time Capabilities.            Solutions-Cloud Platform                  Open Networking/SDN                  Software Defined Network