iwNetworks announces the Edge-Core ECS4610-26T and ECS4610-50T L3 Network Switches.

The ECS 4610-26T/50T switches are part of the ECS4600 Series - L3 Gigabit Ethernet Managed Switches. This switch series is ideal for service provider edge aggregation, enterprise wiring closets, data center aggregation, and network core deployment. These switches bring a high level of security and traffic control to the edge of your network. They provide high performance, resilient stacking, wire speed Layer 2 switching and Layer 3 routing, comprehensive QoS, and advanced security to deliver scalability and resiliency to increase your network throughput while reducing operation costs. ECS4600 Series' switches have two stacking ports and up to 320Gbps throughput. 4600 Series' units can be stacked up to 8 units high up to a maximum of 400 ports. The stack acts as a single unit managed by a master switch, a member of the switch stack. The master switch automatically creates and updates the switch and route tables. A working stack can add or delete member switches without disruption. "We are pleased to bring the ECS4610 switch models to the market and channel," said Company Vice President Mark Hayfield. "Edge-Core is known for its engineering excellence and broad product line covering switching, security, wireless, and network management." Visit www.iwnetworks.com for additional information on the full range of iwNetworks' products and services.
Andrew Ting