Our Cloud Platform Offers:

Lower Costs Reduce Capital Expenditures (CapEx) and Operational Expenses (OpEx). iwNetworks cloud and networking solutions maximize your resource utilization and minimize the time spent managing boxes. Cloud Pool your infrastructure resources together and maximize their efficiency. Instead of deploying web, email, storage, customer relationship management, e-commerce, and other applications into discrete silos, integrate:
  • Compute, network, and storage into resource pools
  • Create virtual data centers
  • Assign resources to virtual data centers
  • Reduce infrastructure cost and complexity
Less equipment is needed. IT management can focus more on business functions, less on boxes. SDN Network SDN simplifies existing networks by separating the network management control from the underlying hardware onto a controller which manages the network policies. This means:
  • Faster network provisioning
  • Simpler implementations
  • Lower hardware costs (CapEx)
  • Reduced operational overhead (OpEx)
Compare this method with traditional network management
  • Proprietary hardware
  • Specialized certifications
  • Box-by-Box management

Scale Solutions Scalability can be measured in various ways. For example, how easily can new functions or services be added? Can physical devices be added with minimal effort? How can capability and capacity be added or removed without service disruption? iwNetworks solutions scale in multiple dimensions. Cloud Our cloud solutions let you move from server and storage boxes to a scalable compute, network, and storage platform.
  • Physical resources are unified
  • Infrastructure management is simplified
  • Create virtual data centers
  • Assign physical resources on-demand
The virtual data centers manage their own virtual machines, services and capabilities and can scale up or down with a few minutes instead of hours or days. SDN Network iwNetwork software defined network (SDN) switches bring new capabilities and control. SDN separates the management (control) from the hardware connections(data flow). This means network managers can:
  • Provision quickly
  • Create new routes without impacting others
  • Increase security
  • Dynamically add new services
Compare this to existing box-by-box, command line configuration currently used.
Increase Performance Instead of having idle or under-utilized resources, put them to work. iwNetworks solutions are about performance. Cloud iwNetworks brings together computer, network, and storage resources making them available on-demand to applications.
  • Apply resources to match capacity to demand
  • Add new capacity without downtime
  • Redistribute resources as demand decreases
  • Scale down underutilized applications
SDN Network Software Defined Networking transforms networking through policy controls and streamlining implementation. SDN improves network performance by removing control management from the switch and centralizing control.
  • Increases availability
  • Reduces latency
  • Improve responsiveness
iwNetworks brings these capabilities to your infrastructure with enterprise-class "bare-metal" and hybrid-mode switches.