Open Networking/SDN

iwNetworks wants to redefine the future of network switching for you with a better, faster, easier and more reliable network of switches.

iwNetworks supplies switches to support a variety of open network and SDN switch environments. Depending on the model, our switches can support multiple network operating systems like private, hybrid, and public networks. iwNetworks want to transform the way you connect with the world through network switching and SDN.

Select the tab below for switch compatibility with the designated operating environment. 

*Note:switches may fall under one or more categories. 


             Solutions-Cloud Platform                              Software Defined Networking                          Video Surveilance as a Service           


SDNplusTM Compatible 


ONL                                     Cumulus                            ONOS                            Big Switch                       
SDN-100P-32Z SDN-100P-32Z SDN-100P-32Z   SDN-100P-32Z
SDN-040P-32Q SDN-040P-32Q SDN-040P-32Q SDN-040P-32Q SDN-040P-32Q
SDN-010P-48X6Q SDN-010P-48X6Q SDN-010P-48X6Q   SDN-010P-48X6Q
SDN-001P-4T2X     SDN-001P-6T  


Open Networking/SDN