iwNetworks provides enterprise-class data center solutions

At iwNetworks, we aim to improve the value we deliver to our clients by lowering total ownership costs. We offer products that are reliable, configurable, and feature-rich while remaining affordable. Our cross-industry knowledge allows us to continually offer our clients new perspectives, trends, and solutions to their IT business requirements. iwNetworks delivers world class core, distribution, and access network infrastructure; advanced multi-processor servers, and data storage services. Our products are tailored for enterprise data centers, cloud computing, storage, and appliance/embedded systems.

Quality Products

iwNetworks is dedicated to high design, production, integration, and implementation standards. We integrate only premium quality parts and components into server, switch, router, and storage lines with the goals of optimizing performance and minimizing downtime. Our products have configuration flexibility, leading to improved reliability and reduced complexity.

Superior Solutions

We maintain lasting relationships with leading chip makers and component suppliers. We know the challenges, risks, and benefits of building and integrating new technologies. As a division of Macrotron Systems, Inc., we understand not only new product development, but also lifecycle management. Our experience enables us to offer confident recommendations and proposals balanced against performance, efficiency, availability, and cost.


Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Ming Jiang has been with several leading technology companies and research institutes in high-performance/super computing, cloud computing, telecommunications, networking and Internet security (ARSC supercomputer center, 3COM, Tellabs, Symantec, ITRI, Ericsson) for more than 25 years combined. His research interests and specialty are cloud networking and Internet security, especially in the areas of virtualization. Software-Defined Data Center, and SDN.