Gemini Open Cloud

iwNetworks Go Cloud SolutionsGemini Open Cloud is an application driven all-in-one cloud turnkey solution developed through Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). Based on OpenStack, it is a highly integrated, complete, scalable and powerful virtualization data center platform. Gemini Open Cloud platform are for organizations adopting new cloud service initiatives or moving legacy applications to the cloud. Have flexible, scalable, and reliable cloud services with minimal investment in operational resources, time, and equipment expenditures.

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Gemini Open Cloud Platform Benefits


RESOURCE EFFICIENCY — Achieve a high consolidation ratio and improve hardware utilization while improving performance.

COMMON INFRASTRUCTURE & MANAGEMENT EASE – Host multiple applications on a common hardware platform and centrally manage them. 

AGILITY — Respond quickly to changing business needs without sacrificing security or control. Zero-touch infrastructure with built-in availability, scalability and performance guarantees.

END-TO-END REDUNDANCY — Provide the same high availability using commodity hardware with the expense of proprietary equipment.

ENABLE LEGACY SERVICES TO RUN MORE EFFICIENTLY & EFFECTIVELY – Near zero effort to port legacy applications onto cloud. Reduce license costs.

Key Solution Components

  • IaaS Base Platform
  • Integrated PaaS Services
  • Physical Data Center Management
  • Virtual Machine Management
  • Virtual Data Center Management
  • Scalable Load Balancer
  • Distributed Main Storage
  • Distributed Secondary Storage

Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture